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Conspiracy theories are here to stay, but strengthening our institutions would blunt their damage

This article appeared on the Hub. For insightful dialogue, visit the Hub at www.thehub.ca From flat earthers to 9/11 truthers, the world has seen its fair share of conspiracy theories. During the past two and a half years of the COVID-19 pandemic, conspiracy theories abound with people questioning the legitimacy of the state, from both...Read More »

At its core, the Freedom Convoy was anti-democratic

This article appeared on the Hub. For insightful dialogue, visit the Hub at www.thehub.ca There are many things that were disturbing to many about the occupation of Ottawa and other places around the country by insurgents that encamped our bridges, communities, and nation’s capital. Make no mistake, the unsettling feeling we share is a direct threat to...Read More »

The Case for Private Universities in Canada

This article appeared on the Hub. For insightful dialogue, visit the Hub at www.thehub.ca As June comes to an end and high school students finish up their year, many of them are preparing to move on to higher studies. The vast majority of students bound for higher education will be headed to Canada’s publicly assisted...Read More »

Our leaders are groping along on COVID-19: There may not be a better way

This article appeared in the Hub. Visit the Hub for insightful dialogue: www.thehub.ca At some point soon, there will be a reckoning of all that has transpired with government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. The temperature and mood of the public gets captured in polling on an ongoing basis and public support for political leaders...Read More »

The Conservative Party Itself is Ungovernable

There is a certain truth about Conservative opposition leaders. It’s the hardest job in politics. It seems nobody will give the leader credit until he or she wins, and even with the win, the honeymoon will only last a short while. Why, you might ask? It’s because the current iteration of the Conservative Party elects...Read More »

Is Ontario in a “V” shape recovery? Analyzing the 2020 Ontario Budget

Economists have been interested to determine what kind of recovery jurisdictions like Ontario might face by using letters to paint a graphical image for people to understand.  In essence, a “V” shaped recovery signifies a steep halting of the economy with an immediate very quick rebound. The 2020 Ontario budget seems to be telling us...Read More »

The school reopen plan meets the science/politics nexus

Ontario’s school reopen plan is in trouble, and it’s not because the plan itself is terrible. I actually think the plan makes sense, but I am not a scientist. However, we once again find ourselves stuck on this science/politics nexus, and it’s eating away at the plan and its roll out. During the pandemic, we...Read More »

So you want kids in schools this fall?

I want kids in schools this fall. Before we get there, let’s agree on the conditions that need to be met. First, community transmission needs to remain near zero. Confidence to have children in school, and teachers teaching them, without rampant fear of infection is necessary. This means “we” can’t screw up progress. It means...Read More »

The limits of science and political decision-making

Our political leaders are being lauded for deferring political decisions to scientists. Listen to the scientists, the common argument went, because they study this stuff and they can help us through these turbulent times.  The politicians that did listen are being heralded by citizens for handling the coronavirus with a measured response.  There are a...Read More »

Solutions without problems

With the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership debates complete, it’s time to talk about one of the major challenges the party faces. A student of public policy will probably tell you that one of the foundations of good policy is defining a problem that ought to be fixed. There are lots of policy wonks out...Read More »