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    We're in the home stretch for the American Election.  Check robleone.com for commentary and analysis.
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    Rob Leone is currently researching the use of contempt motions at the federal and provincial levels of government in Canada.
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    Rob Leone has accepted an appointment as Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario.  He begins there in the Fall semester.
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    Rob Leone served as the MPP for Cambridge in the Ontario legislature from October 2011 to June 2014.
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    Rob Leone writes regular public policy columns for Queen's Park Briefing, a publication focused on provincial issues.
Latest News Events

Auditor-General Meets Post Truth Era

The Auditor-General of Ontario released her report on the province’s public accounts and it is a bloody big deal.  This fall, the government was late releasing its Consolidated Financial Statements because there was an ongoing difference of opinion between the Treasury Board Secretariat and the auditor regarding the treatment of pension assets. The A-G kicks...Read More »

Is Ontario Ignoring Its Own Fiscal Transparency Law?

Recently, I tweeted the following prediction: That the government will table a ‘balanced budget’ only for public accounts to report back and say that there was an actual deficit.  The Liberal spin trust responded by saying something like ‘after the Tories left a $4.7 billion deficit, the Liberals introduced the Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act...Read More »

Election Act bribery charges a symptom of larger problem

The engineer of the 2014 Kathleen Wynne majority government, the same person tasked with figuring out how to do it again, is now facing bribery charges under the Ontario Election Act. Pat Sorbara, along with Sudbury Liberal operative, Gerry Lougheed, were at the epicentre of the earthquake that shook Queen’s Park last week. The Ontario Provincial Police announced last...Read More »

Will Trumping up Canadian conservatism work?

Although largely ignored by the majority of non-partisans, much has been made recently in the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race about what kind of influence Trump will have on our politics.  The post-Harper era is before us, and the number of potential directions it could take are still high.  Could the Conservative Party be...Read More »

On electoral reform, Trudeau says ‘the system is rigged… unless I win’

Ah, that Donald Trump! He sure knows how to get the media elites to talk about him every day.  He famously refused to accept the results of the pending US-election during the debate, and later clarified that by saying he’d respect the results if he wins. Here in Canada, the previous election was fought under the...Read More »

Want to grow an economy? Invest in Higher Education

The Council of Ontario Universities has launched a campaign to better understand the positive public benefit that universities have to the economic well-being of the province.  They have launched a web site and survey, which can be found at www.ontariosuniversities.ca. Once stories about the campaign hit social media, some professor-types I follow decried this as...Read More »

Closing the Numeracy Gap Should Be Ontario’s First Priority

Another school year begins, and more dithering on the province’s math education.  The EQAO recently released the standardized test scores from the previous academic year, and it has provided us with more evidence on the declining state of math education in Ontario. One of the most troubling statistics is the fact that nearly half of...Read More »

On Severance-Gate

Every time there is a quasi-scandal in Canada, we like to add the American -gate to it, as if to denote its severity.  I cringe at it, but surprisingly, on ORPP severances, we didn’t hear it. So, let’s call a scandal a scandal and call this severance-gate. The Ontario Retirement Pension Plan is no longer and...Read More »

The Tale of Two Tim Hudaks

I often get the question: who is Tim Hudak or where is the real Tim?  Most pundits thought he lacked authenticity. Some even called him robotic, or nicknamed him “Robo Tim.”  So perhaps it is worthwhile to share with readers the Tim Hudak I have known for years. The first ever conversation I had with...Read More »

Election finance bill a missed opportunity for Ontario politics

The question of buying influence in politics is not a new study.  It has long been seen as problematic that government decisions are based on a narrow set of interests based on who can buy access to political leaders by purchasing high priced fundraising tickets. The evidence has been mounting for some time.  Whether its...Read More »
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