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  • Rob Leone is currently researching the use of contempt motions at the federal and provincial levels of government in Canada.
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  • Rob Leone served as the MPP for Cambridge in the Ontario legislature from October 2011 to June 2014.
  • Rob Leone writes regular public policy columns for Queen's Park Briefing, a publication focused on provincial issues.
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Sir John A wasn’t perfect, but that’s OK

Prime Minister John A. Macdonald was a founding father of this country. More than 100 years after he died, we today find ourselves trying to make sense of his legacy. This latest episode arrives to us by a motion passed at a meeting of an Ontario teachers’ union to ask school boards to remove Macdonald’s...Read More »

Liberals take all the credit, but accept no blame

There are literally hundreds of agencies, boards and commissions in the province of Ontario.  They are the ABCs of government, but few know exactly what each of them do.  They are set up for a multitude of reasons, but the most common one of these reasons is to remove politics from governance.   That is, there...Read More »

The Tories can be their own worst enemy

We are a year away from the election, and by most metrics, Patrick Brown is poised to become Ontario’s 26th Premier.  For one, the polls show he still has a commanding lead.  He’s amassed significant by-election wins in places that haven’t elected a Tory in years.   The party has out-fundraised the Liberals and the New...Read More »

Ladies, the fate of the government is in your hands

Budgets are typically analyzed for the policy ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts.’  However, we often take for granted the political aspects of budgeting as it, more than anything else the government does, provides us with the greatest glimpse of the political direction of the government. This budget is interesting because it makes it clear who the Liberals...Read More »

Forget the ‘Big Move,’ what about the ‘Big Stay?’

At some point, every day when I commute to Toronto, I think about how much productive time I lose sitting in traffic.  It’s not just the loss of a half a day’s work stuck in traffic, and the non-productive time spent in my vehicle during the commute.  It’s also a matter of understanding that products,...Read More »

Drafting an alternative hydro plan

With the Liberals and the NDP laying out their marquee pocket book policy of reining in hydro costs, all eyes are focusing on what the front-runner Tories might do to reduce the sizeable costs.  However, despite repeated questions, the PC Leader Patrick Brown seems content to wait it out. I have to admit, this hydro-palooza...Read More »

Ontario’s Art of the Deal

Open up the flood gates! It’s time to play let’s make a deal.  Last fall, Premier Wynne released her mandate letters to the newly reconfigured cabinet and among the noticeable changes in the new directives were the absence of the words ‘net-zero’ from the negotiating parameters of the government and its employees. The phrase ‘net-zero’...Read More »

#FakeNews is why we have democratic government

The presence of ‘fake news’ is nothing new.  The fact that the world is in a tizzy over President Donald Trump’s latest foray in the constant battle for the truth is quite remarkable.  It’s like we’re trying to give him credit for inventing something that is as old as the human need for power and...Read More »

Time to end the mental health policy stigma

Finding the money to make mental health care a priority has been a long-standing problem in Ontario and throughout Canada.  Despite increased awareness to reduce the stigma, such as this month’s corporate initiative driven by Bell Let’s Talk, the realities of financing health care delivery make it difficult to turn awareness into concrete public action....Read More »

Auditor-General Meets Post Truth Era

The Auditor-General of Ontario released her report on the province’s public accounts and it is a bloody big deal.  This fall, the government was late releasing its Consolidated Financial Statements because there was an ongoing difference of opinion between the Treasury Board Secretariat and the auditor regarding the treatment of pension assets. The A-G kicks...Read More »
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