Liberals have put their party ahead of the good people of this province.

QUEEN’S PARK –Ontario PC’s continue to cooperate with the OPP’s investigation into the government, while Kathleen Wynne avoids taking responsibility, said Cambridge PC MPP Rob Leone.

The documents handed over include evidence that:“We continue to cooperate with the OPP,” Leone said. “To that end, we’re handing over new documents that may aid their ongoing investigation.”

  • Liberals knew about the existence of an “Enterprise Vault” housing supposedly-deleted emails, but did not disclose this to the Information and Privacy Commissioner.Government IT officials produced an easy method for searching documents that Liberal staffers ignored.
  • Political benefits of proroguing the legislature were paramount for the Liberals.  They chose running and hiding over openness and transparency.
  • The Liberal Party knew the real cost of cancellation would be much, much higher than publicly disclosed.
  • Staffers were ordered to delete emails.
  • Liberals acknowledged the risk of a “paper trail.”

Yet, as new facts emerge, Kathleen Wynne is nowhere to be seen.Of course, this is all in addition to the shocking revelations that senior Liberals attempted to influence the Speaker’s judgment on an issue of contempt.

“This government is mired in scandal and the subject of a policeinvestigation,” Leone continued. “So, has the Premier denounced this attempt to hijack the democratic process? Has she distanced herself from the actions of senior Liberals? No. She has dropped from sight since these new details emerged.”

“This province deserves better leadership than Kathleen Wynne. At every opportunity, the Liberals have put their party ahead of the good people of this province. That’s why it’s time for voters in five ridings to send a message. It’s time to show Kathleen Wynne and her NDP-Liberal coalition that enough is enough.”